Steiner Biographies

Autobiographies are found in Steiner Writings above: especially The Course of My Life (CML).

Wachsmuth, The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner (From the Turn of the Century Until His Death), GBR, 1989 (LWRS)

Easton, Rudolf Steiner: Herald of a New Epoch, AP, 1980 (RSHNE)

Shepherd, Rudolf Steiner, Scientist of the Invisible, Rochester, VT, Inner Traditions International, 1954 (RSSI)

Rittelmeyer, Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life, FB, 1963 (RSEL)

Lissau, Rudolf Steiner; Life, Work, Inner Path and Social Initiatives, Stroud, UK, Hawthorn Press, 1987 (RSLW)

Davy, Rudolf Steiner, A Sketch of His Life and Work, a four-page pamphlet available free from AP upon request (RSSLW)

Prokofieff, Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries, RSP & AP, 1986 (RSFNM)

Kirchner-Bockholt, Rudolf Steinerís Mission and Ita Wegman, privately printed by RSP, 1977 for Members of the Anthroposophical Society (RSMW)

A Collection, A Man Before Others, Rudolf Steiner Remembered, RSP, 1993 (MBO)

Childs, Rudolf Steiner: his Life and Work, AP, 1995 (RSLW-2)