Steiner Writings and Lectures 1880-1903
Earliest Date # & Location of Lectures Time & Abbreviation
1880 Letter/bklet Nature and Our Ideals, MP, 1983 (NOI)
1883 Book Goethean Science, MP, 1988 (GS)
1886 Book The Science of Knowing, MP, 1988 (SK)
11-25-86 Essay Atomism and its Refutation, no pub. data given (AREF)
ca. 1890 Article Credo—The Individual and the Universe, Proteus Quarterly (Post 1948) (CIU)
1892 Book Truth and Knowledge, 2d Ed., RSPB, 1981 (TK)
1894 Book The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, AP, 1986 (PSA)
1895 Book Friedrich Nietzsche, Fighter for Freedom, 2d Rev. Ed., RSPB, 1985 (FN)
1897 Book Goethe’s World View, MP, 1985 (GWV)
1898 Article Another Secret of Shakespeare’s Works, MP, 1985 (ASSW)
1899 Essay The Character of Goethe’s Spirit as shown in the Fairy Story, GBR, 1991 (at the end of FTSL below) (CGS)
1899 Essay Individualism in Philosophy, MP, 1989 (INDP)
1901 Book Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age, 2d Ed., RSPB, 1980 (MDMA)
1902 Book Christianity as Mystical Fact, 2d Ed., AP, 1972 (CMF)
1903 Extracts Guidance in Esoteric Training, 3rd Ed., RSP and AP, 1994 (GET)
1903 Articles (3) Theosophy and German Culture / Occult Investigation of History Reincarnation and Senility, (Eng. typescript from journal Luzifer, 1903) (LCFR)
June 1903 Essay Lucifer, (Eng. typescript from journal Luzifer, 1903) (LCFR)
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