(The prefixed “I-” is omitted from this enumeration)

1. Schematic of human being’s creation, descent and reascent per ASJ
2. Schematic of human being’s creation, descent and reascent per TL
3. Schematic of human being’s creation, descent and reascent per FE
4. Verbal description of human being’s creation, descent and renascent expanded for seven Conditions of Life
5. Geologic Time Chart
6. The nine Hierarchies
7. Interrelationships of the nine Hierarchies
8. Days of the week; their “planetary” relationships
9. The essential nature of the human being
10. The relationship of the Ego to oblivion, sleep and death; and the human being’s common relationships with the lower kingdoms
11. The loci of the four components of the four kingdoms
12. The elemental beings (elemental spirits)
13. Distinctions between the mineral and physical depending on where the physical human being can be perceived
14. The four systems of the human being’s physical body as expressions and descendants of Conditions of Consciousness
15. Hierarchical attainment of “human” status in the three former Conditions of Consciousness
16. The ruling Hierarchies on Earth and its three former Conditions of Consciousness, respectively
17. Relationship of human evolution to the various planetary orbits
18. Human and other hierarchical and Trinitarian relationships to the zodiac
19. Powell’s hermetic astrological charts and tabulations
20. The microcosmic reflections of the zodiacal and planetary natures in the human being (and in the apostolic groupings)
21. Powell’s charts and graphs showing “the hermetic man” (planetary relationships of the human being’s organs) and “the zodiacal man” (zodiacal relationships of the human being’s physical body)
22. The elementary states, the ethers and elements
23. Glossary of theosophical/anthroposophical terminology and charts & tabulations of the various relationships described; also the scriptural sequence of development of the human being’s “five” senses
24. Progressive development of the human being’s 9-fold nature charted through the present post-Atlantean Epoch
25. Relationship of the 7 “churches” of the Apocalypse to the 7 Cultural Eras of the post-Atlantean Epoch
26. The human being’s 9-fold nature as related to its 9 septenaries (7-year periods) and their planetary correspondences
27. Steiner’s exposition on the organic order and character of the traditional planets; Powell’s on the outer three planets
28. The interior of the Earth
29. Elements or events in which the Hierarchies manifest during Earth evolution
30. Levels of consciousness during Chaldo-Egyptian Cultural Era
31. Stages of consciousness
32. Lucifer and Ahriman
33. Course of the Ego between death and rebirth; Regions of soul and spirit worlds
34. The stages of universal evolution
35. The hierarchical sacrifices and the approach and entry of the human being’s Ego
36. Powell’s “birth chart”
37. Relationship of “healing” to the different “bodies” and “kingdoms”
38. Significant characteristics, powers and perceptions of the magi, shepherds and prophets relating to the Nativity
39. Genealogies from David to Jesus
40. The relationships between thinking, feeling and willing and birth, death and rebirth
41. Thinking, feeling and willing: the nature of their manifestation, karma and forces
42. Wisdom, Beauty and Strength—meaning
43. Atlantean and Aryan “sub-races”
44. The Conditions of Consciousness planetary evolutions
45. Christian esoteric terminology for the Conditions of Consciousness, Life and Form
46. East/West esoteric terminology for the long (e.g., 5,000 year) ages of the human being’s evolution
47. The 3-fold “Logos”; The loci of consciousness of the 4 kingdoms and of elemental beings
48. Root races and their terminal causes
49. Concepts of labor in the fourth through the sixth Cultural Eras
50. Three important human stages (upright stance, speech and thought)— their nature and respective effects upon karma
51. Spiritual beings, numerous aspects of
52. The relationship of thinking, feeling and willing to various time cycles
53. Virtue development related to Conditions of Consciousness
54. Spiritual warmth/fire
55. The four temperaments and their predominant components
56. How Hierarchies work through the human being during its life on Earth and then with its Ego between lives
57. Tomberg’s portrayal of Israel’s three “patriarchs”
58. The human components and characteristics of four ancient myths; the elevation of human perception; the relative strength of the three human bodies and Ego
59. Ancient terminology for the 3-fold human being
60. The human being’s 3-fold nature as reflected in Christianity’s form
61. The human race becoming younger
62. Four kinds of pre-Christian initiates; the four Gospels and ancient symbols
63. The Cultural Eras and their prevalent myths
64. Steiner’s “Turning Points” compared with Schuré’s “Great Initiates”
65.Correlation of Christianity’s development by century with the ages and stages of the individual human being

66. Tomberg’s portrayal of the human being’s encounters with the Cosmic Evil Trinity and the Cosmic Good Trinity
67. Cosmological systems relating to the different levels of consciousness (per Powell)
68. Analogy of sequential development of Old Testament peoples to the human being; the zodiacal influence reflected throughout
69. Parallel between the human being’s life cycle and that of Christ’s journey into and out of the mineral-physical Earth
70. Thinking-feeling-willing tabulated with other relationships
71. Portrayal of the human being’s spiritual guidance during the 7 Cultural Eras
72. Reflections by the John Gospel’s Prologue of the 4-fold human being and the 4 Conditions of Consciousness
73. The 4 apocalyptic animals and their most developed aspects
74. Personalities who have reflected the etheric and astral bodies of Jesus of Nazareth
75. Domains of the Hierarchies
76. The four sacrifices by Christ as reflected in the human being and the Gospels
77. The cosmic harmony reflected in the human being’s 4-fold nature and in human language
78. Relationships between the human being and the plant; the different food substances and their work on the human physical body
79. Art forms and their relationships to the 7-fold human being; the human being’s comprehension of musical relationships
80. The components of the human being taken into account by psychology and science, and how other components are effective agents beyond the realm of comprehension by psychology and science
81. The “Seed,” the vortex, the zodiacal sign of Cancer, and the “golden mean”
82. Karmic characterizations of the human being’s 4-fold being
83. Steiner, expanding on Goethe, on color
84. The 3-fold human being as related to the various types of animals
85. The nature of human perception of the Sun, and its Mysteries, in the three pre-Christian Cultural Eras
86. The reflection of the planets in the human being’s physical organs
87. The “Star of David,” or “Mogen (Magen) David”
88. The “Threefold Social Order”
89. The loci where the human initiate meets the Egos of the three lower kingdom

Charts and Tabulations
Schematic I-1