Three Bodies

We saw in "Mysteries" how the Bible itself embodies the theme, variously expressed, that the spiritual world has “hidden its face” from humanity. Perhaps no other “term or phrase” herein exposes the reader to such sheer magnitude in Biblical usage as “threefoldedness.”1 This phenomenon must either pass one by as an unnoticed or insignificant stranger in the dark, or else whisper, speak or shout its meaning to the soul as it will. But the “Darkness” surrounding the usage can hardly be dispelled without anthroposophical light.

Not only is “three” significant standing alone, but it is a component or factor in the other holy numbers “seven” and “twelve,” e.g., 4 + 3, 3 + 1 + 3, (3 x 3) + 3, 4 x 3. The significance of all of these can be seen, for instance, in I-1, I-6, I-7, I-8, I-9, as well as in many subsequent Charts & Tabulations.

The reader who by now has read all the foregoing portion of this volume will have come upon countless references to the “three bodies” of the human being. And by now their respective names, physical, etheric and astral, will immediately be recognized. But their immense importance to any deeper understanding of the Bible message requires that they again be portrayed at this focal point. It would be well for the reader to review the extensive descriptions in the last one-third of the General Introduction and in the entirety, but particularly the first two-thirds, of the Overview. The serious student will also want to read about them in Occult Science (OS), Chaps. 2 and 3 and Theosophy (THSY), Chap. 1. One who has assimilated all the foregoing will have the basic tools for understanding, but in truth all of the vast reach of Steiner’s revelations will continue to add to the student’s deeper discernment. Both science and religion, if they are to meaningfully progress, must come to comprehend the momentous reality, the pervasive reach, of the three bodies and the essential nature of the threefold, fourfold, sevenfold and ninefold human being (as schematized in I-9).

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