Pillars On The Journey

The opening curtain was drawn on this volume with the startling announcement that its theme, the parable of the Prodigal Son, was the story of the macrocosmic journey of the human being. Now, at the curtain call, let us look back at those human Individualities who have emerged as Pillars on the Way; pillars, if you will, of “Fire” in the “Darkness” (Ex 13,21).

The Bible must be seen as a log of that journey (the parables in Lk 15,11-32; 11,5-8 and Mt 25,14-30 all use the “journey” metaphor in speaking of it). Rudolf Steiner has given us clear indications of certain threads of human-spiritual impulse—series of incarnations of Individualities— who have played an enormous role in the human voyage depicted in the Bible account. For those who by now have begun to sense an immense dependability in them, Steiner’s revelations will not be hard to accept, and they can yield riches in the search for truth and meaning in the labyrinthine fabric of the Holy Scriptures. For others, they should be held in mind as postulates—left to ripen or not as they will during further study and contemplation.

For decades now surveys have shown the willingness on the part of a substantial percentage of professing Christians either to believe in reincarnation or to consider it with an open mind. But where have the courageous, informed voices from the pulpit been? Have these thoughtful people among the congregations not been “wander[ing] like sheep .. . afflicted for want of a shepherd” (Zech 10,2; Mt 9,36; Mk 6,34)?

Between the curtains of this volume an abundance of scriptural evidence is given supporting the view that karma and reincarnation are spiritual realities. Passages have been shown to have deep meaning where before there was none. The Bible itself is seen to be an integrated account of the human journey applicable to every single individual all the way through. Many will by now have come to the realization that the Biblical vessel cannot really be embarked for the future evolutionary voyage of the human being without coming to see that karma and reincarnation have been securely loaded deep within its hold.

Steiner gave a lecture on March 6, 1910, with the title “The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric.” It is included as one of thirteen lectures now assembled under the same title (RCE). In fn 78, Chap. 4, of Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries (RSFNM),1 Prokofieff beautifully paraphrases a cardinal aspect of that lecture, Steiner’s pronouncement of

the great cosmic law according to which each individual who accomplishes something in the service of the Guiding Powers of the world must, after a certain time, perform a similar deed in consequence of it, but in such a way now that it appears like the opposite pole of the first.

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