The normal picture that springs into one’s mind today when the word “Naked” is used is that of the physical human body—understandable in view of the fact that humanity’s consciousness today focuses primarily, if not exclusively, upon the mineral-physical world, and what can be observed by the senses. A good dictionary gives numerous meanings, all of which are variations of “completely uncovered or exposed.”

One should contemplate to what extent this term is used in the Bible (related uses such as “Nakedness” are included in the passages at the end of this discussion) with reference to the mineral-physical world observable by the senses, and to what extent it is used to describe a higher state of existence consistent with its higher message.

Since in all instances, the Bible uses the term to apply to human beings, albeit sometimes collectively in groups, it is essential to understand the composition of the human being (set out in I-9) in order understand how Nakedness applies to it. An understanding of the terms “I AM” and “Bush” is also a prerequisite. The Ego, or “I Am,” is clothed, so to speak, in the “Three Bodies” (physical, etheric, astral). The spiritual counterpart of each body is shown opposite it in I-9 if one connects 1 and 9 (i.e., physical body and atma, or Spirit Man), 2 and 8, etc. Then if we consider that the physical, etheric and astral bodies came into their earliest origins in the Ancient Saturn, Sun and Moon Conditions of Consciousness, or Planetary Conditions, respectively (see I-1 and I-4), and that the bare germs of their spiritual counterparts were planted at the same respective stages,1 we see that at the end of the Ancient Moon period the human being consisted only of the “Three Bodies” as well as the germs of their three spiritual counterparts.

Chart I-14 shows that the purpose of Earth evolution, the fourth Condition of Consciousness, is the implantation and development of the human Ego, the “I Am.” During the first three Evolutionary Epochs of the Mineral Physical Condition of Form of Earth Evolution (I-1), there is a recapitulation of the first three “Planetary” Conditions so as to recreate, in a more advanced state of existence, the “Three Bodies.”2

Gen 1,2 describes the time in the third Evolutionary Epoch, or recapitulation (“Lemuria,” see I-1), when the three related elements of fire, air and water exist in the etheric condition without “Form.” In Gen 1,26- 27, the Elohim (all seven, clearly plural as recognized in all translations), or Spirits of Form (see I-6), create the human being in their Image—as yet simply a “Form” without mineral substance that would be perceivable to present senses (see Gen 2,5; also “Alpha and Omega > Creation and Apocalypse,” Vol. 2).

The word Naked first appears in scripture in Gen 2,25: the “man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed.” This is immediately before the Fall in Gen 3, which caused them to become aware of their Nakedness and to be ashamed (Gen 3,7,10-11). There was no consequence to their Nakedness in Gen 2,25, but there was in Gen 3,7,10-11. What had happened in the meantime to give significance to this state?

Observe the tabulation in the last paragraph of I-35, which shows that during the Lemurian Epoch the Ego penetrated the astral body creating the Sentient Soul. That schematic is presented graphically by Steiner in The Influence of Spiritual Beings Upon Man (ISBM), Lect. 4, p. 71, as follows: (Click here to view image)

The three rings of the diagrams, from inner to outer, represent the human being’s physical, etheric and astral bodies, respectively. The diagrams are identified with the following periods in the I-35 chart:

I = Lemuria
II = First 2/3 of Atlantis
III = Last 1/3 of Atlantis
IV = Today (since Golgotha Deed)

The situation in Gen 2,25 existed at the threshold of Diagram I; in other words, before the development of the human being’s soul nature (see I-35). The events of the Fall as described in Gen 3,1-6 then occurred. As yet, the human being had only an animal-like nature (see I-10 and I-11, though its “bodies” were of a more exalted state inasmuch as they had not descended to materiality and were to become the vehicles for the human Ego), and consequently had no knowledge or consciousness of sin. Steiner elaborates this quite well in The Concepts of Original Sin and Grace (OSG). The human astral body was infected by “original” sin with the Fall prior to the infusion of the Ego. As the human being descended further into materiality during the Atlantean Epoch, the senses developed along with the Sentient Soul (I-23), and with the developing soul (i.e., Ego, or “I Am”) came knowledge of Nakedness (Gen 3,7). Notably, it was not until the development of the fourth sense, that of “touch” (I-23), that human beings came to the knowledge in Gen 3,7, and then only after the fifth sense (hearing) in Gen 3,8 did they begin to perceive themselves, and in doing so used the first person singular pronoun, “I” (Gen 3,10-13). Three times then in Gen 3,7-11, is the term Naked used, probably signifying the progressive increase in awareness as the three embryonic stages of the human soul evolved (I-9 and I-35).

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