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The Burning Bush
Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and the Holy Scriptures: Terms & Phrases
Edward Reaugh Smith
ISBN: 0880104473
Book (Paperback)
800 pages
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This is the first volume of a series envisioned as a complete Bible commentary based upon the "anthroposophical" understanding given to humanity by Rudolf Steiner during the first quarter of the twentieth century. Bible commentaries have always reflected the general line of thinking of their authors. However, the dramatic newness of anthroposophical thought means that perhaps the usual method of using a Bible commentary will not be appropriate here. A large part of the present work must necessarily be devoted to laying an anthroposophical groundwork. This is necessary since a major assumption indulged in other commentariesóthat one can go directly to portions dealing with given passages of scripture and understand what is being said about themódoes not fit.

The textual content of the book is found in its series of terms and phrases an understanding of the essential biblical message from beginning to end. These terms and phrases can be seen from the book's "Contents" listed below:

The second volume in the series, What is Man?, was published in 2001 and includes the following terms and phrases:

The Question Fire
Evolution Light
Creation and Apocalypse Darkness
The Four Elements Blood
As Above, So Below "What is Man?"

The present volume, The Burning Bush, was designed as a starting point for the normal beginner to start a study of this larger work. However, more or less concurrently with reading the first essays, the reader will probably find it essential to go through about the fist twelve or thirteen items in the Charts and Tabulations section, giving heaviest consideration to the first one. References to the Charts and Tabulations are in bold print, e.g., I-1, I-33 etc. It is most important that one be able to hold concepts tentatively in mind as individual building blocks until a sufficient structure can be seen to take shape.

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